The Connected Systems themselves are configuration objects that store the connection and authentication details for the products you will integrate. A connected system usually consists of connection details (URL, policy path, proxy settings, etc.) and authentication details (usernames, passwords, tokens, keys, etc.).


All products using the HTTPS protocol have a web certificate. You must import the web certificate to ZigiOps's Keystore to establish a successful connection to the corresponding product. Note that the ZigiOps trusts all public authorities trusted by Java.

Follow the steps below to import the certificate:

  1. Obtain the web certificate from the integrated product. For example, Base64 encoded X.509 CER file. 
    • If an intermediate CA issued the webserver certificate, you must obtain all CA chain CA certificates.
  2. Import the certificate into the local "truststore.jks" Keystore.
    • Use the keytool -importcert -file <PATH>\<filename>.cer -keystore <ZIGIOPS>\conf\truststore.jks -alias "<yourAlias>" command to import the certificate.

      You could use the integrated product's name to populate the <yourAlias> property.

You could change the <Trust Store Location> and the <Trust Store Password> of the default Keystore by adding the below properties at the end of the <ZIGIOPS>\conf\config.properties file:

#Trust Store Location
#Trust Store Password

The default Trust Store Password is changeit!! in Base64 value. If you use a different password, set its Base64 value in the config.properties file.

Available Systems