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Amazon CloudWatch



Environmental Prerequisites

The environmental prerequisites for this product are listed below.

Confirm the required prerequisites from the corresponding integration template as some templates may not need all prerequisites.

How to generate an Amazon CloudWatch Access Key?

  1. Log in to your instance.

  2. Go to the Identity and Access Management (IAM)UsersSecurity Credentials menu.

  3. Click the Create Access Key button to generate a key.

Connected System Configuration

Follow the steps below to add your instance as a connected system.

  1. Log into your ZigiOps instance.

  2. Navigate to Connected Systems → Add New System → Amazon CloudWatch and configure the following parameters:

    • Access Key → Input the first part of your access key.

    • Secret Key → Input the second part of your access key.

    • AWS Region → Input the region of your instance. It should be available in your instance URL.

    • Proxy Settings → Enables the usage of a proxy server.

  3. Examine the settings and if they are correct, click the Save button to save the system.

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