Use Case

Learn more about the use case.

  • Collect DataDog events to create a new event in OBM thought OpsCx.


Learn more about the integration and network requirements.

Integration Requirements

DataDog Requirements

OpsCx Requirements

Access Details

  • Instance URL

  • Instance URL

  • Application Key 
  • API Key
  • N/A


  • N/A
  • N/A


Network Requirements

Network Requirements
  • ZigiOps → DataDog (80/443)
  • ZigiOps → OpsCx (30005)


Learn more about how to set up and enable the integration template.

  1. Select the Integrated Systems and click the Save button to continue.

  2. Enable the integration from the slider button, located in the middle section of the screen.

Action Details

Learn more about the actions, available in this integration template.

Each operation consists of 2 tabs - Source and Field Map. The Source tab contains the trigger, the trigger conditions, and the expressions configuration and the Field Map tab contains the mapping configuration.

Post Event

This operation polls the data from DataDog.  It is designed to collect events from DataDog and create events in OpsBridge. The Event is collected from the DataDog instance, then it is internally processed through the field mapping configuration, and finally, a request is sent to OpsBridge to create a new event.


From this tab you could customize the polling interval, trigger conditions, and expressions or use the defaults. 

Field Map

From this tab you could customize the field, value, and conditional mappings, which suit your requirements.