Learn more about the platform's general settings.

Web Console Settings

Configure the web access details.

Access Port

The default access port of the ZigiOps web console. It is configured during the ZigiOps installation. The default value is 8585. You can change it from the Web Console, but this change will require a restart in other to be applied. 

Access Protocol

The default protocol of the ZigiOps web console. The ZigiOps platform is installed with HTTPS protocol by default.

Certificate Path

The default path to the out-of-the-box web certificate. Note that you only need to input the path without specifying the ZigiOps installation directory.

Certificate Key Password

The password of your current web certificate.

Certificate Key Manager Password

The manager password of your current web certificate.

Troubleshooting Data Settings

Configure the troubleshooting data collection details.

  • Collect HTTP Data → Enables the collection of HTTP data.
  • HTTP Data Purging → Configure the HTTP data purging interval.
  • Collect Payload Data → Enables the collection of payload data.
  • Payload Data Purging → Configure the payload data purging interval.
  • Status Data Purging → Configure the status data purging interval.

Log Level Settings

Configure the ZigiOps log levels.

Download Support File

Configure the support file details.

  • Troubleshooting Data → Include troubleshooting data in the support file.
  • Integrations → Select which integrations will be added to the support file's troubleshooting data.
  • Past N Days → Select the number of days to include data from.
  • Logs → Include the logs in the troubleshooting file.
  • Config Files → Include the configuration files in the troubleshooting file.