Use Case

The integration runs on a scheduled interval and collects application host metrics from New Relic APM to create OA (CODA) metrics, which OBM can further read and display in performance dashboards.



New Relic APM

Operations Agent

Connected Systems

Authentication (supported methods)

  • API Key

  • N/A


  • N/A

  • N/A


Network (default port)

  • ZigiOps → New Relic APM (80/443)

  • ZigiOps → Operations Agent (30005)


  1. Log in to your ZigiOps instance.

  2. Go to ZigiOps → Configurator and load the integration template.

  3. Select the desired Integrated Systems and Integrated Systems, and click the Save button to continue.

  4. Enable the integration from the Slider button located in the middle section of the screen.


No specifics are available for this integration.