Vertical Scaling

Vertical scaling determines when you should scale up the deployment. If the data exceed the expected values, you should move to upper deployment.

Deployment Types

We advise you to move on to the next deployment if any below values exceed the defined threshold.

DeploymentConfiguration itemsEvents per secondMetrics per secondITSM/DevOps Records per second
Enterprise10000 - 100000200300200

Infrastructure Requirements

SmallDual-Core Processor (2.8GHz or more)4 GB10 GB
EnterpriseQuad-Core Processor (2.8GHz or more)8 GB20 GB

Horizontal Scaling

Horizontal scaling means adding additional ZigiOps instances to the solution, which allows us to distribute the integration data between the instances. We recommend horizontal scaling if the actual data exceeds the number of records for the Enterprise deployment.