Use Case

The integration runs on a scheduled interval and collects alerts from SolarWinds to create tasks in Jira. The integration also detects updates made on the SolarWinds alerts to update the related tasks in Jira.





Connected Systems

Authentication (supported methods)

  • Username and Password

  • Username and Password (server)

  • Username and API Token (cloud)


  • Basic Privileges

  • Add Comments

  • Assign issues

  • Browse Projects

  • Create Attachments

  • Create Issues

  • Edit Issues

  • Resolve Issues

  • Transition issues


  • N/A

Network (default port)

  • ZigiOps → SolarWinds (17778)

  • ZigiOps → Jira (80/443)


  1. Log in to your ZigiOps instance.

  2. Select the desired Integrated Systems and Integrated Systems.

  3. Update the correlation configuration by replacing the default Jira custom correlation field (customfield_10100) with the custom correlation field you've created earlier and click the Save button to continue.

  4. Enable the integration from the Slider button located in the middle section of the screen.


No specifics are available for this integration.