Upgrade Procedure

  1. Download the latest ZigiOps release provided by our support team.

  2. Stop the current ZigiOps service or process.

  3. Back up the existing ZigiOps installation folder to another location.

  4. Install the new ZigiOps release in the existing ZigiOps installation folder.

    • Uncheck the OS Service option during the installation!

  5. Start the ZigiOps service or process.

Post-Upgrade Recommendations

  1. Access the ZigiOps web console.

  2. Go to the Connected Systems page and confirm if the test connection is successful.

  3. Go to the Configurator page, select the desired integration template and enable it.

  4. Confirm if the integration is working fine.

Backout Plan

  1. Stop the application's service or process.

  2. Restore a backup of the previous version to the application's installation folder by replacing all files.

  3. Start the application's service or process.