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Loading an Integration from a Template

What does an integration template contain?

Each integration template has its business logic and setting and consists of configuration objects called "actions." An action consists of two sections (or tabs) called "source" and "target." It represents a set of trigger conditions (or filters) and field mapping configuration for a particular pair of entities, and it follows the ETL workflow.

There's a wide variety of integration templates to choose from. The available templates are predefined integrations. They are bundled with the ZigiOps installation and are ready to use right away.

Loading an Integration from a Template

Follow the steps below to load an integration from a template:

  1. Access the ZigiOps web console.

  2. Go to the Configurator page and review the available templates. You could use the search box to filter the displayed templates.

  3. Select the desired template and click the Load Template button.

  4. Select the corresponding Integrated Systems from the drop-down menu and click the Save button to save the template.

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