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The ZigiOps REST API provides programmatic access to various details via an HTTP-based RESTful API using OpenAPI and Swagger as its underlying API technologies. They provide a standardized and technically robust framework for interacting with our platform's APIs.

Operations are available for:

  • Platform status and information.

  • Connected systems and related details.

  • Configured integrations and related details.

Accessing the ZigiOps API

Authenticating to the API requires generating an API Personal Access Token and authenticating your API session afterward.

  1. Log in to the ZigiOps UI, navigate to the Admin → Profile Preferences menu, and click the Generate button to create your API Personal Access Token.
    Writing it down securely is recommended, as you cannot view it afterward.

  2. Navigate to the endpoint, click the Authorize button, and input your API Personal Access Token.

  3. Explore the available API resources and methods.

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