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Version 2020.06.449

This version has been released on 

Release Notes

This version includes the below items.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the platform start scripts.
  • Fixed an issue with the loaded integrations.
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements.

Enhancements & Features

  • Introduced new expressions to the platform.
    • To Lower Case
    • To Upper Case
    • Extract from Array
    • Build Array
  • Redesigned the Related Entities module.
  • Implemented CAPTCHA mechanism during login.
  • Introduced support for extracting topology and metrics from AppDynamics.
  • Introduced support for extracting topology and metrics from NewRelic APM.
  • Introduced support for extracting eventsproblems and comments from Dynatrace.
  • Introduced support for loading events in vROps.
  • Introduced support for loading comments to problems to Dynatrace.
  • Introduced support for loading attachments to Azure DevOps.
  • Introduced support for creating a "chained" expressions.
  • Introduced support for filtering the main entity, based on its related array entity elements.

Additional Content

  • Introduced DataDog connected system.
  • Introduced NewRelic APM connected system.
  • Added Azure DevOps → BMC Remedy: Work Item to Incident integration template.
  • Added BMC Remedy →  Azure DevOps: Problem to Work Item integration template.
  • Added Dynatrace → vROps: JVM metrics integration integration template.
  • Added Dynatrace → vROps: Mobile App metrics integration integration template.
  • Added NewRelic → vROps: Topology integration integration template.
  • Added NewRelic → vROps: App Host Metrics integration integration template.
  • Added NewRelic → vROps: Application Metrics integration integration template.

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