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Version 2023.01.191

This version was released on 


Bug Fixes

  • Extract from ServiceNow isn’t working when the trigger condition is empty.

  • The Windows-specific script files were present when installing ZigiOps on Linux OS.

  • The proxy validation failed if incorrect inputs were added to the “Basic Auth” and then “No Auth” was selected.

  • Integrations disappear after saving an invalid field mapping configuration.

  • Fixed the generation of ZigiOps standard system logs on Linux.

  • The Azure DevOps Custom Identity fields cannot be populated.

  • The Remedy "status_history" fields cannot be parsed when used in a condition.

  • Fixed the “HTTP 414 URI Too Long” error when querying too many records from Salesforce.

  • The Kubernetes token field wasn’t masked upon input.

Platform Features and Improvements

  • Introduced full modification support for Freshdesk tickets.

  • ZigiOps now supports extracting metric data from CircleCI.

  • ZigiOps now supports receiving events from CircleCI webhooks.

  • Implemented the ability to use expressions in the “Response Field Map” section.

  • Moved the UQL data to the troubleshooting document database.

  • Introduced version 1.2 of the ZigiOps integration configuration package.

Additional Content

  • Added CircleCI projects to uCMDB topology integration template.

  • Added CircleCI events on webhook to OBM events integration template.

  • Added CircleCI job metrics - OBM metrics integration template.

  • Added CircleCI workflow metrics - OBM metrics integration template.

Important Notes

It’s strongly recommended to delete the contents of the <ZigiOps>\conf\settings\queries folder when upgrading from release 2022.11.1.89 (or earlier).

Upgrading from release 2021.10.145 (or earlier) may require resetting the ZigiOps web console certificate truststore credentials by following the steps below; otherwise, ZigiOps would start, but the web console wouldn't be accessible.

  1. Stop the ZigiOps service or process.

  2. Remove the following entries (lines) from <ZigiOps>\conf\ file and save the changes afterward:

    • key-password

    • key-manager-pass

  3. Start the ZigiOps service or process.

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