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Version 2024.03.1.196

This version was released on 


Bug Fixes

  • Some ServiceNow references fail with a "No plan was generated for query" error when using set action in the field mapping.

  • Getting a “No plan was generated for query” error when using a “create” action for reference fields with a “Webhook” system.

Platform Features and Improvements

  • Split worklog time into multiple time cards in different projects.

  • Implemented pagination logic when collecting applications from New Relic.

  • Added an API version parameter to the HTTP requests against Remedy.

  • Added support for extracting alert descriptions in plain text from SAP Solution Manager.

Additional Content

  • Added a new integration template for Jira cloud issues to Jira (7.0.4) on-prem issues.

Known Issues

  • Platform:

    • Status updates for actions in this build will require a page refresh to be visualized.

  • Jira (Service Management):

    • The Jira Service Management integration will require the synchronization of comments using a dedicated action only.

  • VMware SD-WAN:

    • Issues with ZigiOps collecting the field mappings from VMware SD-WAN.

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