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Version 2024.03.2.236

This version was released on 


Bug Fixes

  • The search bar in the dashboard statistics selector couldn’t be interacted with.

  • The extracted records on the dashboard didn’t visualize the processed data.

  • The dashboard’s statistics radio button didn’t visually indicate that a data type for the desired metrics was selected.

  • The health status on the dashboard didn’t reflect the ZigiOps' integration status.

  • The system variables referring to the connected system's name caused the field validations to print a warning message.

  • The first attempt to open the platform’s general settings displayed a blank page, but it loaded the page’s content correctly afterward.

  • The connected systems were failing with password decryption error.

  • The WOI_WorkInfo API request was sent without a filter for the parent record when querying Remedy.

  • The platform didn’t send an Accept header for the HTTP requests using the OPTIONS method against the Remedy API.

  • The HTTP requests against Jira were performed incorrectly after an upgrade.

  • The platform was sending many HTTP requests to gather the ServiceNow schema.

Platform Features and Improvements

  • Added support for this time format "yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ssZ" for IFS Assyst.

  • Updated the “Field Map” section to use MUI components.

  • Updated the “Source” section to use MUI components.

Additional Content

  • N/A

Upgrade Note (Optional)

Upgrading to this release will display the SSL Certificate Alias details on the General Settings → Platform page. If you use the default SSL certificate, we recommend deleting the conf\keystore.jks file before the upgrade to trigger the installer to deploy a renewed certificate.

Known Issues

  • Platform:

    • Status updates for actions in this build will require a page refresh to be visualized.

  • Jira (Service Management):

    • The Jira Service Management integration will require the synchronization of comments using a dedicated action only.

  • VMware SD-WAN:

    • Issues with ZigiOps collecting the field mappings from VMware SD-WAN.

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