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Version 2024.04.1.250

This version was released on 


Bug Fixes

  • The users of type “admin” couldn’t see the License and Data Explorer pages in the ZigiOps cloud.

  • Generating new expressions requires saving and reloading the page to become visible in the suggestions list.

  • The field references for ServiceNow weren’t suggested as expected in the field mapping.

  • The web console’s certificate displays "default" as a name for the self-signed certificate.

  • The delete functionality for custom-imported certificates wasn’t working.

  • You were able to delete the web console’s default self-signed certificate.

Platform Features and Improvements

  • Optimized the page space of the horizontal main menu.

  • Prevented delays in the platform’s UI related to MUI library size.

  • Renamed certain internal components to “zigiwave”.

Additional Content

  • N/A

Upgrade Note (Optional)

Upgrading to this release will display the SSL Certificate Alias details on the General Settings → Platform page. If you use the default SSL certificate, we recommend deleting the conf\keystore.jks file before the upgrade to trigger the installer to deploy a renewed certificate.

Known Issues

  • Platform:

    • Status updates for actions in this build will require a page refresh to be visualized.

  • Jira (Service Management):

    • The Jira Service Management integration will require the synchronization of comments using a dedicated action only.

  • VMware SD-WAN:

    • Issues with ZigiOps collecting the field mappings from VMware SD-WAN.

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