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Integration Configuration and Field Validations


The integration configuration and field validation is a feature introduced with the ZigiOps 2023.04.1.366 release. Whenever an integration is saved, a series of validations are executed to display a warning in case of misconfigurations with the integration template.

ZigiOps will save the changes regardless of the validations. Still, it will display a warning for failed ones, marked as a small red exclamation mark on the invalid configuration, like integration, correlation, action, trigger condition, expression, field mapping, mapping condition, etc.

Validation Types

Multiple types of validations validate different aspects of an integration template.

Missing mandatory integrated system or integrated entity

An invalid trigger condition filter is used.

Invalid expression type is used based on the field type.

Missing or invalid field name or value.

  • Missing a required field (per schema)

  • Mapping a non-existent field (per schema)

  • A wrong operator is set for field type (in a mapping condition)

Missing correlation configuration when an update action is configured.

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