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Version 2023.04.1.366

This version was released on 


Bug Fixes

  • The systems couldn’t be saved when the ZigiOps Remote Agent option was used in the cloud deployment.

  • The ServiceNow custom glide list fields are not discovered as an array in the ZigiOps schema.

  • The default classpath was hardcoded in the ZigiOps run.bat file.

  • The default classpath was hardcoded in the ZigiOps Remote Agent run.bat file.

  • The Jira hint for the {displayname} field wasn’t showing in the “Value” of field map configuration.

  • Fixed a “Not a valid input format" error when configuring Azure DevOps TFS (on-prem) connected systems.

Platform Features and Improvements

Additional Content

Upgrade Notes

Upgrading to 2023.04.1.366 from 2023.01.191 (or earlier) requires clean-up and redeployment of the ZigiOps service.

  1. Stop the ZigiOps service or process.

  2. Back up the existing ZigiOps installation folder to another location.

  3. Remove the ZigiOps service.

    • Windows:

      • Execute the <ZigiOps>\service\uninstall_service.bat file to uninstall the ZigiOps service.

      • Delete all files from the <ZigiOps>\service\ folder.

    • Linux:

      • Delete the /etc/systemd/system/zigiwave.service file.

      • Delete the <ZigiOps>/ file.

  4. Install the new ZigiOps release in the existing ZigiOps installation folder.

    • Check the OS Service option during the installation, depending on your preferences.

  5. The service is automatically started when the installation is complete.

Upgrading from 2021.10.145 (or earlier) may require resetting the ZigiOps web console certificate truststore credentials by following the steps below; otherwise, ZigiOps would start, but the web console wouldn't be accessible.

  1. Stop the ZigiOps service or process.

  2. Remove the following entries (lines) from <ZigiOps>\conf\ file and save the changes afterward:

    • key-password

    • key-manager-pass

  3. Start the ZigiOps service or process.

Upgrading to this build will result in several minutes delay in loading the integrations in the UI for the first time.

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