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Supported Versions




Environmental Prerequisites

The environmental prerequisites for this product are listed below.

Confirm the prerequisites of the corresponding integration template before continuing further, as some templates may not require all environmental prerequisites.

Requirement for collecting attachments from Salesforce

The Salesforce entities have an attribute called lastmodifieddate, which is updated when a record of an entity is saved. ZigiOps relies on the lastmodifieddate value to detect if a change was made. However, the Salesforce system doesn’t update the lastmodifieddate value when an attachment is added to a record, a known limitation on the Salesforce site. Implementing a mechanism that updates the lastmodifieddate value is required whenever an attachment is added to a record on the Salesforce site.

How to create a Client ID and Client Secret in Salesforce?

  1. Log into your Salesforce instance.

  2. Go to the Settings → Setup → Apps → App Manager menu.

  3. Click the View button of the desired application.

  4. You can see the Client ID and Client Secret from the Manage Application menu.

Connected System Configuration

Follow the steps below to add your instance as a connected system.

  1. Log into your ZigiOps instance.

  2. Navigate to Connected Systems → Add New System → Salesforce and configure the following parameters: 

    • URL → Input the URL of your instance. For example,

    • Username → Input your username.

    • Password → Input the password of the above user.

    • Client ID → Input your Client ID.

    • Client Secret → Input the Client Secret.

    • Proxy Settings → Enables the usage of a proxy server.

  3. If the settings are correct, click the Save button to save the system.

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